10 Microfibre Lint Free Cloths Professional Trade Quality Micro Fibre Cloths

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10 Microfibre Lint Free Cloths Professional Trade Quality Micro Fibre Cloths

We are pleased to offer this package of Professional, Trade Quality Microfibre cloths.

Use ‘000’s of times over!

These high quality cloths will clean with ease and can be used hundreds of times with no deterioration in performance. The structure of these microfibres means that they are Lint and scratch free making them safe for use on any surface.

Safe to use, Lint and Scratch free!

Dirt and dust are ‘caught’ and lifted into the microfibre structure, safely away from the surface being cleaned making them safe and ideal for a variety of applications.

A multitude of cleaning applications!

These cloths can be used dry for dusting, polishing and buffing. Alternatively use damp and see the true cleaning strength, able to lift grease and oil with no chemicals - just water!

· Car Care & Detailing

· Kitchens

· Bathrooms

· Shower Screens

· Television and Computer screens.

  • ...virtually anything

Professional Trade Quality Microfibres!

These high quality Microfibre Cloths measure 40 x 40cm and are 280gsm grade Microfibre,

As with any microfibre these cloths can be washed however it is advised to wash at 60 oC and do not use softeners or conditioners as these will adversely affect the structure of the microfibre and hence performance of the cloth over time.

Please note that colour supplied may vary from that pictured


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Brand Perfectly Cleaned
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Product Code PC10CLOTH
Brand Perfectly Cleaned
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