Bilt Hamber Auto Clay Bar - Regular Grade 200g

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Bilt Hamber Auto Clay Bar - Regular Grade 200g

Bilt Hamber Clay Bars are designed to effortlessly restore a factory smooth finish to automotive paint finishes without the need for a dedicated Clay Lubricant.
Why use Bilt Hamber Clay Bar?
Run your fingers over your freshly washed and dried paint work. If you can feel a rough, gritty texture this is caused by embedded contaminants. Bonnets and roofs are often the most contaminated due to the ‘flat’ surface retaining most airborne contaminant.
The solution to removing embedded contaminant is to use Clay Bar. Bilt-Hamber Clay Bars will effortlessly remove particles, leaving the paint as smooth as glass.
Bilt Hamber Clay Bar has received critical acclaim in the detailing industry for being the most durable, cost effective and well-designed clay-bars available today. Auto Express Magazine, a giant in the car magazine world, has awarded auto-clay with their Best Clay Bar award every year for 5 years running; this demonstrates the product is worthy of purchase.
Bilt Hamber offer 3 grades of Clay Bar, the choice of grade will depend on several factors
Regular Clay Bar
If the vehicle is heavily contaminated, has never been clay-barred before, or it’s hot summertime then use Regular.  All clay bars become firmer when cold and softer when warm.
Medium Clay Bar
For paintwork that is in a reasonable condition, Medium will be preferred. The easier folding of the clay to expose a fresh working surface will be very beneficial.
Soft Clay Bar
If paint is in good condition, if you like to clay your vehicle frequently or indeed if the weather is cold, then use Soft.
How to Use Bilt Hamber Auto Clay
Before using auto-clay thoroughly wash your car to remove any loose dirt. Direct sunlight should not fall on your car’s surface, and it’s best if the work area is relatively cool, but not cold.
Tip: We’d recommend pre-treating the paintwork with a Fallout Remover, such a Bilt Hamber Korrosol, before using the Bilt Hamber Clay Bar. This high activity Fallout Remover actively removes embedded metallic particles in a simple ‘spray on rinse-off action’
To use Bilt Hamber Auto Clay firstly break off a section of the 200g bar, 50g is generally enough for a single usage.
Use a fine spray to wet a workable able of the paintwork, then rub the Clay Bar back and forth with light pressure. Auto Clay should glide across your paint, keep the paint surface wetted thoroughly as Auto Clay must not be used dry. Listen carefully - at first you will hear the bar as it pulls the particles away from the paint, the noise and friction will quickly disappear.
After a few passes with auto-clay, rub your fingers over the area to feel if the surface contamination was removed. Keep rubbing until all contamination is gone. Finally, wipe the clay residue off with a soft, clean microfibre cloth. Just like waxing, work in small areas.
You should see the contaminant coming off of the car and depositing itself on the clay bar as a reddish brown residue. As the clay bar becomes soiled, simply fold it over, reshape it and continue working the paintwork.
Not only does the paint feel and look a lot better once clayed, but the removal of these objects sticking to the surface allows the next stages of paint care to progress far more smoothly.
Once you have Clayed the car, and the paint is clean the surface is ready for the next stage of refinement. This may be hand / machine polishing or simply protecting, by adding sealant or wax
Cleansers, waxes and polishes will now glide across the surface making application far more easily.

  • Under no circumstances should the clay bar be used if dropped on the ground, inside or out!

  • The 200g clay bar is generally suitable for 4 / 5 cleans of an average sized car. 
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