Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel Cleaner 1litre with Spray Nozzle

Product code: BHAW1000
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Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel Cleaner 1litre with Spray Nozzle

Bilt Hamber Auto-wheelCleaner – 1 litre

Bilt Hamber Auto wheel is a pH neutral highactivity wheel cleaner, designed to deep clean even the filthiest of vehicle road wheels, with a minimal amount of mechanical agitation. Acid based wheel cleaners are very effective but can attack alloy if damage to the protectivelacquer occurs. Similarly alkaline or caustic wheel cleaners can damagesubstrates in a similar fashion. Alloy wheels are bombarded by hot particlesthat are generated from the braking surfaces – the most destructive of theseare metallic and iron based, while still hot the embed themselves byeffectively melting their way into the lacquer film, thousands together make arough and very convenient surface for debris to adhere to and are difficult toclean. Acid based cleaners are typically the most effective as they attack themetallic objects reducing their size which allows them to be released from the lacquer. Auto Wheel provides the same release function by using a uniquechelating process that renders the iron particles water soluble even though the pH remains neutral together with a strong degreasing action auto-wheel provides safe effective wheel cleaning.

auto-wheel 1L is supplied with;

· 1L container

· Trigger spray

How To Use

Use on cool surfaces. Spray liberally over entire wheel surface ensuring good coverage of edges etc. Reaction time is temperature dependent usually between 2 to 5 minutes is sufficient the chelating process is indicted by a change in colour from clear to deep purple. Once no further colour deepening has occurred the wheel can be power-washed or rinsed off,extremely dirty wheels will benefit from agitation with a brush before rinsing. Auto-wheel is safe of a wide range of surfaces including paints, lacquers alloys and steel, however small scale trial should be carried out before use.

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Brand Bilt Hamber
GTIN 721315283635
Size 1 litre
Weight 1.1kg
Product Code BHAW1000
Brand Bilt Hamber
Condition New