Genuine Merino Wool Wash Mitt Double Sided

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Genuine Merino Wool Wash Mitt Double Sided

100% Natural Wool Wash Mitt - Double Sided

Super soft dense pile wash mitt. Double Sided
Genuine Wool mitts are the best choice for washing your vehicle
This Wash Mitt 'Sticks' to you vehicle and Dirt is drawn into the wash mitt and away from your paintwork to ensure a safer wash
Non Synthetic - Longer Lasting.  This wash Mitt will not moult or rip like its Synthetic Counter Parts 
Size Approximately 30cmx230cm.  Wool Fibre length 6cm 
Do Not Machine Wash, simply rinse clean and leave in open air to dry naturally. Ideally this should be left to dry hanging outside on a warm day or indoors.

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Brand in2Detailing
Size 1 Piece
Weight 0.182kg
Brand Perfectly Cleaned
Condition New