Gliptone Leather Scented Car Air Freshener (6 x Small)

Product code: GTAIRx6
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Gliptone Leather Scented Car Air Freshener (6 x Small)

Gliptone Leather Scented Air Freshener - Small - Triple Pack (3 pcs)

Air Freshener with Leather smell, aroma, scent.

Liquid Leather and Leather Preserve conditioners have a reputation for containing the REAL smell of good old fashioned original English leather, This small leather smelling air freshener will convert ANY car to the rich smell of traditional English quality leather. Harmless to leather, vinyl, plastic & metal trim. Extremely long lasting, will last many months not just days or weeks. Simply hang from a control stalk or rear view mirror and transform the interior of your car.

What's different about a Liquid Leather Air Freshener ?

Liquid Leather Air Fresheners are dipped, not sprayed and therefore have 60% more scent content. They are allowed to dry naturally for 48 hours rather than force dried. This gives 20% more scent retention. Liquid Leather Air Fresheners contain no harmful chemicals that could damage leather, plastic or metal trim/finishes. Which means you can safely hang or place them anywhere in the car, home or office.

They are totally manufactured and packed in the UK using only the best quality materials. Many other air fresheners are manufactured in the Far East taking many weeks to arrive on the UK market, losing their effectiveness and reducing their longevity.

How long do Liquid Leather Air Fresheners last ?

Many months, not just weeks and in some cases only a matter of days!

They have been rigorously tested for over 12 months and they still smell of leather. The ambient temperature can obviously effect the longevity. If the interior of the vehicle is very hot it can shorten their life.

What size should you buy ?

We recommend the small one for a small/medium size car and the larger Aroma pad for a larger vehicle. However, if you wish for just a hint of leather fragrance buy 2 small ones, adding the second one if and when desired.

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Brand Gliptone
Size 6 Piece
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Product Code GTAIRx6
Brand Gliptone
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