Meguiars Ultimate Black 355ml Trim Dressing / Restorer

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Meguiars Ultimate Black 355ml Trim Dressing / Restorer
Meguiars Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer - 355ml;
Meguiars Ultimate Protects and restores black and gray nonporous trim!
Meguiars Ultimate Black is the ultimate solution to faded black trim. Use Ultimate Black to restore the colour to black and gray interior and exterior trim. It cures like a wax to plastics and vinyl, providing unmatched protection and durability.
All interior and exterior trim eventually fade from the effects of sun exposure. Meguiars Ultimate Black uses state-of-the-art hybrid polymer technology to seal nonporous surfaces under a clear coat-like polymer layer. This coating restores trim colour and offers exceptional UV protection to prevent further damage.
For the best results, clean trim with Meguiars #39 Heavy Duty Vinyl Cleaner or Meguiars All Purpose Cleaner D103 to remove old dressings and oily residues before applying Meguiars Ultimate Black. The coating will bond better, look better, and last longer!

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MPN G15812EU
Brand Meguiars
GTIN 70382003500
Size 355ml
Weight 0.4kg
Product Code G15812EU
Brand Meguiars
Condition New