Pyramid Car Care Ceramic Coating 50ml

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Pyramid Car Care Ceramic Coating 50ml

Pyramid Car Care Ceramic Coating 50ml

Thanks to it’s hydro-repellent nature Pyramid Car Care Ceramic Coating will help keep your car cleaner for longer.

Over time paintwork becomes dull and fades, it holds dirt longer and becomes harder to clean but what if you could avoid all that?

Pyramid Car Care Ceramic Coating will protect your paintwork from salt, sand, exhaust fumes, sunlight, UV Rays, harsh car wash chemicals, poor wash technique, bird lime, moisture, insect contaminants, graffiti, children and cats.

Safe for use on

  • All exterior paint surfaces
  • All exterior hard plastic
  • All exterior Metal
  • Alloys And Callipers

How does Ceramic Coating work?

Ceramic Coating is a semi-permanent coating which bonds on a molecular level with your vehicles paint surface, introducing a crystal-clear barrier between your paintwork and nature.

The crystal-clear surface offers an unbelievably long-term protection when compared to waxes and sealants as well as greatly adding to your car’s visual appeal.

This is made possible by harnessing nanotech surface protection technology. The Ceramic Coating fills in microscopic gaps and crevices in paintwork, forming a surface more effective than traditional wax and sealant based products.


Our extreme testing has only demonstrated the effectiveness of Pyramid Car Care Ceramic Coating further.

We put a single layer of Ceramic Coating on a black BMW M240i and put the product to work.

Unparalleled protection 

We got the M240i filthy and cleaned it top to bottom with Quick Detailer, (something we would never recommend due to the risk of creating swirl marks). Low and behold, once finished there was a scratch and swirl mark free mirror-finish exterior.

Next we washed the M240i with harsh chemicals at a local car wash, and the very next day took it to a Supercar Show.

We have continued to test the Ceramic Coating to the extreme and it never fails to deliver. See our blog or social media channels for more examples.

Application instructions:

Pyramid Car Cares Premium Ceramic Coating is best applied using a Microfibre Application Pad. Apply to the surface using a cross hatch pattern and allow 30-90 seconds before removal (when you see a rainbow/oil slick type pattern) buff using a short pile microfibre cloth. Once all residue is removed give the surface a second wipe over.

Allow 30 minutes before driving the vehicle and a further 4 hours before getting the surface wet. The coating will dry to its full 9H hardness over the course of 2-3 days. Do not wash your vehicle for 3 days after application.

If any coating is missed on removal reapply the coating to the affected area within 30 minutes and buff instantly. After this time frame the coating will require compounding.

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